Brother/sister day 2012

After the mother/daughter day and last years’ father/daughter day, this year it was our brothers and sisters turn to come to Breda, meet our Sorority and have some fun!

After a drink and speech at our home bar Studio Dependance, we started walking to destination unknown.. When we heard we had to wear old shoes, thoughts were already running though our minds: lasergaming, paint-balling, a day at KMA Breda? Luckily it didn’t turn out to be that last one.. Arriving at the venue, it was clear straight away, a graffiti workshop!

After a short introduction, brothers and sisters, sisters and sisters and NYX members started working on their piece immediately. After some brainstorming, sketching, laughing, graffiti, singing and some more graffiti, our pieces turned out even better than expected! After this creative afternoon we went back to the city for some drinks and snacks, and we ended our day with unlimited spareribs or gambas.

Thank you brothers and sisters, for this amazing day!!

Below see our masterpieces!

‘Let’s count the stars together…’

Sorority NYX





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