Intersib 2012

After having recovered from yet another successful Intersib we look back on 3 days filled with:

Beer, dancing, music, DJ’s, lots of laughs, memorable nights, sleeping in tents, hangover moments, more beer, wine, kids, NYX mama’s, games, an amazing dance act from Creative Movements, new potentials, Sibjes getting drunk and getting to know each other very well (as what we have heard!), more beer, biking, and last but not least, ending another successful Intersib at school.

Thanks to everyone on the Intersib, we think all new students are ready to experience the best student life Breda has to offer!

Sorority NYX is getting ready to make this year a memorable one. Our mission: colour Breda (NYX) Green! We’ve seen some potential girls and we’re confident they can help us with that! You can find multiple Sorority NYX members at school, so if you didn’t have the chance to speak with us or we didn’t spot you yet (we all know what beer can do…): no need to worry! On Wednesday we wear our black and green Sorority NYX shirts, so if any of you have any questions about school or about NYX, grab us by our collars and don’t be afraid to ask! We are also always present in Cafe Dunne together with Xenia or in Studio Dependance on Wednesday nights so we look forward to drinking a beer together!

Alright first year students, we had our say, but now it’s up to you. It’s your time to shine and enjoy the next 3 or 4 (or 5, 6, 7) years of you student life! Hopefully student years you’ll enjoy together with Sorority NYX. We can guarantee you these years are ones you’ll won’t forget!

And don’t forget to put the following date in your agenda:

14th of November: “NYX Goes Dutch’’

Be there!

“Let’s count the stars together…”

Sorority NYX

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