Mother-daughter day

Last week Sunday 16 girls – most of whom were still hungover from the night’s before 24-dinner of Michelle and afterparty in Oosterhout – and their mothers (or in some cases mother in law or friend of mother) came together for Sorority NYX’ fourth relative day: the mother-daughter day. A day specially devoted to the wonderful women who raised us; in order for them to get to know the sorority, for some quality time together, and as a thank you for their continuous support.

The day, which was organized by Melissa and Anna, revolved around a workshop jewelry making. While chatting around, getting to know each other and enjoying cupcakes (homemade by Tara!) we picked out beads, charms and pendants and made some beautiful and unique purse hangers, bracelets and necklaces.

Our special thanks go out to Marte Phielix from, for an excellent workshop, to Anna & Melissa, for organizing this great day, and of course to all the mothers, for their presence and enthusiasm! For more pictures click here!


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