Summer of NYX

The sun is shining, terraces are filling up and vacations are planned, the summer is in full swing! The girls of sorority NYX are all busy with planning their trips and adventures. As an international sorority every summer you can find all around the world, and this year is no exception! Now we’ll be even further apart than normal and find that especially worth mentioning.

One of our youngest members Lisa and a founding member, Karlien,  have met for the first time on the other side of the world in New-Zealand! Lisa is there enjoying her placement at Sofihotel in Auckland and Karlien has started a new job as event sales executive at the Langham hotel.

Iris has finally left us for the sandbox that is known as Abu Dhabi, despite the stress and various set backs in when she would leave, her job is finally reality and she is enjoying all that this new job in this up and coming city has to offer! We miss her laugh and witty comments but hope she has found what she is looking for!

A little closer to home Nina is having the time of her life as a Beachmasters tour guide for younger party goers! Doing what she does best: keeping the night life of Kos alive!

Recently graduated, installment buddies, Melissa and Renee are going to taste there luck in sin city … You know what they say “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”. As well the grand canyon state and the OC, Melissa and Renee will taste the real American culture on their road trip through the states.

Further south Alex and Charlotte will be experiencing the real Maya culture traveling around Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and Belize. We hope to see them back, with new Mexican recipes for our weekly dinners together.

Summer jobs are also of importance, as drinking and enjoying the student life has its price! Susanne, Mimi, Tara, Carmen, Suzanne, Lieske, Milo, Karianne, Louise and Bibi will be working all around Holland this summer, but you don’t have to go far to see them, have a beer with Carmen in Cafe Dunne or a sub of the day with Louise!

The couple trips this year are with Bibi and Alex with our Heeren 69 friends Brend and Sam. Bibi and Brend will be traveling to the ever romantic city of Malaga. Alex and Sam extended their cultural boundaries by exploring the northern African city of Marrakech! Our always entertaining Carolien and her hilarious boyfriend Giel will be leaving the big city of Boxtel to discover their inner child in Disneyland Paris!

While the rest of us are enjoying the sun and free time, Anna and Marleen are busy saving up and preparing for there around the world trip. Quitting their job and leaving there safe haven of Breda behind they will be making the trip of a lifetime, starting in Bangkok and working there way further south to new Zealand and Australia, they should return in April next year but these two might find love in new and exciting places… We sure hope to see them back in Breda at one point!

Although you can find us all around the world, we are also using the summer to recharge our batteries for upcoming year, starting with the InterSib!! We will be there full swing promoting the only international sorority of Breda with us all together, sharing experiences and life lessons!

We hoop to see and meet you young girls during the InterSib, where we can share our goals and hopes for the future and enjoy the student life that flows through Breda! If you’d like to find out more about us and what we stand for as a sorority you can always contact us via email or Facebook, or check out this website.

Enjoy your summer, we sure will be enjoying ours!

“Let’s count the stars together…”

Sorority NYX

renee shanghai

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