Tara’s Party

The 28th of September it was finally time to visit our beloved Tara. We celebrated the fact that she graduated, she turned 23 years old and that she moved to the city of her dreams, Utrecht. We would say that all these things are more than enough reason for the girls of Sorority NYX to party! The party took place near Tara’s new home at the famous canals of Utrecht, in a small and welcoming bar. Together with friends and family, we enjoyed wonderful drinks and delicious canapés. As it is tradition, we prepared a nice song especially for Tara. As we had many choices in songs to choose from, we selected the song ‘Schudden’ from Def Rhymz, mainly because it suits Tara’s fun and energetic personality. It was obvious the song was a hit, as could be told from the many smiling faces in the room! To accompany this song, the rest of the night songs from the 80s and 90s were played and the guests danced the night away. At one o’clock the party ended for some, however not for all the goddesses, who joined Tara in discovering all that Utrecht’s night life has to offer!

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