Student Life & First Lustrum

Wow, what a week! Not sure how you’ve experienced it, however we know that we were ready for the weekend after this week filled with parties and other activities. So what have we been up to lately.. As we are looking forward to carnival all year round, some of us dressed up to celebrate the 11/11 right here in Breda and had an amazing preview of how this years carnival will look like. Tuesday we crawled in the city centre together with the new board of sv ‘t KAG during a Pub Crawl that we arranged as a gift for the new board. After Tuesday comes Wednesday, a wonderful evening thanks to the Beer Draft hosted by DD Dylectus, and Festinana an initiative from DD Inana. Thank you both for a memerable evening filled with plenty of beers! To conclude this week by paying a visit to Brutus who hosted an invite only House Party Techno Edition, where we could properly celebrate the end of a wonderful week.

Student life can be busy, however we are loving it!

All these parties bring us to an exceptional celebration where we have been looking forward to since the moment our Sorority was founded — our very first Lustrum. Therefore below the official invite. We do hope that you will celebrate with us and look back on these amazing five years and toast to all amazing years still to come. Are you curious about what this evening will bring? Have a look here.


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