It’s April already – it’s true what they say, time does fly when you’re having fun!

It has been some time since we shared what we have been up to lately. However this doesn’t mean that we had some time off from our busy schedule filled with many great activities, parties and other fun events!

Starting with our annual relative day – this year it was time for some quality time between our goddesses and their fathers. While last year we invited our mums for an afternoon creating wonderful bracelets and other accessories we had other plans for our dads. We scheduled a day filled with several games where one would actually had to get active – we soon noticed that there wasn’t much time for hanging around on the 22nd of February. On the agenda were three very different games; mission impossible, where both father and daughter had to crawl through a room filled with laser lights, a laser game where the girls competed with their dads, and bungee soccer, where both teams were hooked to the ceiling with a bungee wire and tried their very best to play a fair game. We must say that it was a brave attempt for the girls to take it up to their dads at soccer, and as expected we got our ass kicked by our dads! However, during laser gaming we did much better, whether it was the slight advantage or our amazing skills – we most definitely won this game! In between games, all the girls shared a speech that they wrote especially  for their dad. Speeches as fun as they can be, we all got a bit emotional from the beautiful words that were said – tears of joy we must add! All together it was an awesome day and how good it was to see how all the girls have several things in common with their dad or stepdad – whether  it is the way they smile, the colour of their eyes, or the same sense of humour. Besides that it was a great way to meet all dads – and we believe the dad’s had a great time too – there was even talk about a reunion in the near future! Wanna get an impression of the day? Then check out the pictures!

One week after father daughter day we all came together to share some food during a high tea. Our lovely Alexandra welcomed us in her home in Breda and hosted a pinterest high tea. It’s becoming kind of a tradition really – last year most definitely was a success, so why change a winning formula! We most certainly enjoyed it as much as we did last year however, instead of a pinterest dinner, we had a pinterest high tea. Meaning that we all made something delicious inspired from pinterest and brought it to the party – whether it was sweet or savoury, the rule was that you had to make or bake it from scratch. We noticed that everyone had put in an amazing effort and enjoyed every single bite! we can’t wait to see what the next pinterest dinner/brunch/high tea/ or breakfast may bring us.

Next time I will share some more about the last party we hosted, NYX’ Shot Night! Once again it was a huge success – stay tuned!



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