Alumni Day

Saturday the 12th of April, an important day for Charlotte, Lous, Melissa, Milou and Tara. Since they graduated last year we can now call them alumni members of our sorority. We started the day at our home bar, Studio Dependance. In front of Studio Dependance and in the park, Dominique Egging made some beautiful pictures of us. A couple of pictureswere made, some of all of us, some portrait pictures and of course some pictures separately of the installments. After the photo shoot we went to the Colonie in the city centre. We had a nice and quiet spot in the back of the restaurant. A television screen displayed some lovely and most of all embarrassing pictures of our alumni. We drank some wine and a couple of games were played. After this, the alumni relived a part of their aspirant member period with a lot of laughter. Eventually it was time for the official part of the day. The graduates were officially inaugurated as alumni members, and with this they received their bracelets. Engraved in these bracelets is a special message. The night continued with more wine, a nice diner, many emotional speeches and funny dances in the city centre of Breda, like only girls of Sorority Nyx can. Once again congratulations to Charlotte, Lous, Melissa, Milou and Tara! But remember, we will always be ‘counting the stars together…’



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