21 Dinner Lieske

Although Lieske turned 21 June 14th last year, we finally got to celebrate this Saturday May 17th with her 21-diner. She invited us in her home town Piershil. The diner had a special theme: Breakfast at Tiffany’s. This meant 17 girls in little black dresses covered in pearls and diamonds. When we got to her house her parents and brother were already preparing lovely amuses in the kitchen. A long table with white linen and a touch of Tiffany Blue was already set. Lieske’s father welcomed us to the garden with a glass of prosecco. There we waited in the garden for the other girls to arrive. Unfortunately they got stuck in traffic so they arrived two hours later, however this definitely did not spoil the moment. Once everyone arrived, we could start with the diner. Some of us got a delicious vitello and the other were served coquilles with a very tasty marinade. The main course was baked cod fillet or bbq lamb. And for desert we enjoyed a citrus pannacota. All in all we had a wonderful meal! Together with a wonderful meal and great company, some of us had something to say to Lieske. The girls of her instalment Susanne and Suzanne and vice preases Carmen prepared a speech. Sincere and touching words were said accompanied with some tears and laughters. Obviously a present could not stay behind. We bought Lieske a tiffany bracelet!  Thereafter it was time to go out and dance. We went to Oud- Beijerland. There was one club where Lieske always went to before she came to Breda. We relived her younger years whilst dancing on the tables till the lights were switched on! What a wonderful evening it has been!


photo 2

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