21 Dinner Lisa

Friday the 13th of June, sounds like a day full of bad luck? Well how wrong could you be! It was the day we celebrated and enjoyed the 21 diner of our beloved Lisa! From all around the country the ladies of our sorority traveled to a town called Tiel. Once arrived, we received a warm welcome from Lisa and her family. We walked into the garden and wow, what an amazing setting! A party tent was placed in the centre of an open field, there were pictures of Lisa growing up, her travels, and other amazing memoires. A beautifully set table with lots of flowers completed the idyllic setting for a nice dinner. After some laughs and chats, we all took place at the table, enjoyed our first glass of wine and enjoyed a lovely little bite to kick off a promising evening. Once in a while we heard some cheering due to the Dutch soccer team seemed to play one hell of a game! More impressive food was served and several stories were shared. Of course, there were some speeches as well. Fun, sweet and emotional memories with our Lisa were shared. It became dark and the garden lights went on, which only added to the already amazing atmosphere. It was a fantastic evening and unfortunately, some girls had to call it a night. While some of the girls said their goodbyes, the other girls went out to have a night full of dances and drinks in Tiel. They sure did enjoy the night.. After eating some fries at the local snackbar the girls went home to find themselves totally hangover the next morning. After breakfast everybody headed home.

It are evenings like this that makes us love our sorority.


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