Back 2 School

After a long and hot summer, the goddesses are back in town. We will give you a little update about the things we did last summer. Lieske and Marjolein went sightseeing in Paris and London. In London they met Suzanne and Caroline who are on placement there. It was a lovely surprise to see them again. Unfortunately we missed Carmen all summer long since she was working in Sunny Beach with her famous DJ boyfriend, hihi. Susanne is still on placement in Brugge, but she still visits the Netherlands sometimes to go to a festival and to see us of course. Lisa, as crazy as she is, booked a last minute ticket to Gran Canaria to spend a holiday with her sister. We also said bye bye to her, since she traded Breda for Amsterdam. She started her graduation phase internship in the Okura Hotel. Fortunately Amsterdam is not the end of the world, thus we can still see her sometimes to have a drink and maybe even a little party. I know two more girls who really love to party: Bibiche and Karianne. Even though they work a lot, you will still see them every now and then with a glass of beer, wine or cocktail in their hands. Bibiche spent some time in our beautiful country, in Sunny Zandvoort. Karianne, as spontaneous as she is, booked a last minute holiday to Mallorca. Back in Breda she started her graduation phase internship at JMW. Tessa discovered the city of Madrid with her parents and now we had to say goodbye to her as she is going on exchange to Budapest for five months! Kim and Louise stayed in Holland to work. But do not get me wrong, for them it was definitely not a boring holiday to say at least. Oh, almost forgotten, Eveline went to Thailand for two weeks to meet her sister who was travelling in Asia for four months. Hearing all these stories  you would almost think that the goddesses did not have time to see each other. Nothing could be further from the truth, since it is impossible for these girls to not see each other for such a long time.

Before the academic year even started we exposed our pride towards Alexandra who graduated! And that is not all, she also moved to Utrecht to live together with her boyfriend Sam. A great reason to throw a party to show us her new home and to celebrate her graduation and her new job at Hotel Pulitzer.

A thing that our girls could not miss of course, was the InterSib. Eveline was a mommy and the rest of the girls helped with the games and food. In the city centre of Breda we played our picture game. By answering questions about the NHTV and Breda, the students could win attributes. At the end of the quiz, the class had to make the most crazy picture with all the jungle attributes.  It was a pleasure to meet so many fresh students and we hope we can help them to have a great year. After the InterSib, all the different drinks and parties started of course. On Wednesday evening, in the first week of school, we welcomed some interested girls at our open drink at the Dependance. We listened to the summer stories and drunk some bottles of wine. Later that evening we took the girls to the party: CEO’s and office HO’s of student association Xenia. We had a lot of fun with our old and new fellow members of Xenia, this will definitely be a night to remember.

The week after, the parties just continued. We had our open drink in the Grand Café at school.  We already saw that some of those girls really fit in our sorority, it was so much fun to have them around. Later that week,  student association Xenia exposed themselves in the Grand Café at school as well. It was so nice to see that there were so many interested first year students. They got information about the sororities and fraternities, the year clubs, the activities and the comities of Xenia.  Later that night we just continued the party with our brothers and sisters of Egidius, who hosted the Xenia drink at Café Dunne. It was, like we expected, a crazy and fun evening.

The next week, Palto continued the Xenia drink in Café Dunne. It was good to see that so many people came in for a drink. Another week later it was our turn to be the hosts of the Xenia drink. We turned Café Dunne into a green Walhalla. Everywhere you looked, you saw green: green balloons, green shots and green decoration. Café Dunne was totally filled with a lot of sociable people. We are proud that we made this evening a great success.

And today, is finally is the time to celebrate our Lustrum with all the girls of Nyx. An activity is planned for us, which is still a surprise, and after that we will have a dinner! We are thrilled to see each other again, since so many alumni members will be there. So now we can say again with all of us:

“Let’s count the stars together…”


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