And party and party and pa- and pa- and party

First, we are thrilled to say that the party for the end of our lustrum year is coming up! The 10th of December we will count the stars together during NYX Superheroes in Studio Dependance as from 21.26. So, put on your best Superhero suit and join us!

we would like to give you an update about the things we did, the past few weeks. During the Lustrum activity we went to ‘Strand Binnen’, where an Expedition Robinson game waited for us. We built huts, tested our endurance and our brain with crazy games. Thereafter we went to ‘de Markt’ to have a lovely tapas dinner. It was a all you can eat dinner, so the table was filled all the time with different Spanish dishes. And since the girls of NYX love food, this was a perfect closing of the day. Many thanks to Marjolein and Lieske for organising this activity.

It is not a secret anymore that we like drinking beer. And that we can do it quick is not so strange either. But who could have thought that we would win the second price during ‘Vigeo’s beer relay’. Louise, Carmen, Kim and Marjolein represented our Sorority and they beat many teams, even male teams! We could not be more proud of them. We won a dinner voucher of €40,- for ‘de Markt’.

So many student associations, sororities and fraternities are throwing parties all year long. And off course, we cannot stay away! We went to Proud to be Fout of SV ‘t KAG, we put on our strangest clothes and welcomed the new board. We went to the pub-crawl of SV Xenia, where we showed our home bar Studio Dependance to all the new Xenia members. The gentleman of HD Brutus threw a party that same night, so we went to Peddels as well to have a beer with them. The next week was very busy, we went to Inana’s Wies’n, to the party of DD Chique, and to International Boss day of Fraternity Palto. Two weeks later, we were invited for Boerkes Bierfeest of HD Heeren 69. We played Beerpong and we drunk some special beers. We tried again to beat some more sororities and fraternities during the beer relay of DD Dylectus, unfortunately we were not as trained as we were the last beer race.


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