Now that the exams are finally over, we have time to spend time with each other again. What a week did we have. Tuesday we were invited by the gentleman of A.I. Forseti to have a drink with them. We went to their Fraternity house and played some drinking games. Thereafter we discovered the city centre of Tilburg and were sure to dance the night away. Additionally, at 12 o’clock it was our birthday! Our Sorority turned 6! So you can imagine that we stayed until the lights were switched on. It was great to get to know a Fraternity in another city and by doing so, creating new friendships.

Wednesday it was the time to celebrate our birthday together. We went out for dinner at Il Padrino. It was a nice surprise to see Bibi and Lieske again! We would like to thank our Nyx Nymphs for the lovely gift they gave us: a box full of food that we like so much, especially the Port Salut! Afterwards, we went to cafe Dunne to have a birthday drink with S.V. Xenia, who we would like to thank very much. Moreover the dummies of Inana created a creative birthday song for us, thank you girls, we enjoyed it very much. We continued our evening at the Coyote Ugly, where the gentlemen of H.D. Matador threw their annual ‘I love college’ party. As every year it was a night filled with: beer, girls and entertainment…


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