Parties and Holidays

Unfortunately the holidays have come to an end. All the goddesses spent some time with their family and hometown friends. We had delightful homemade dinners, went out for dinner and prepared our dinner on a typical Dutch stone grill. On New year’s eve we popped the bottles of champagne and wished each other the best for the new year. Some of us celebrated it together in Alexandra’s home.

Two weeks before the holidays we celebrated the end of our Lustrum with our NYX Superheroes party, which was a huge success. We were turned into real Nyx superheroes with green capes.  Our Nyx nymphs were turned into Totally Spies and they looked really good! We handed out black masks, so everyone looked like a Superhero. The price for the best dressed went to Max van Hees, who was dressed like Superman. We appreciate it very much that he put so much effort in his outfit! It was terrific to see that so many people came to the Dependance and had so much fun.

In the week before the holidays we had the Winter Wonderland party of SV Xenia. The Dunne was totally filled, it was a nice opportunity to see each other for the last time before the vacation started. Moreover, a lot of third year students came back from their placements, thus we were pleased to see them after a long time. Especially to see our own Suzanne, Susanne and Caroline.

During the holidays Tessa came back from her exchange in Budapest.  We saw her again during the annual Board Change High Tea.  We enjoyed the different delicious pies and other sweet bites in My Sweet Pie. It was lovely to see so many of the alumni there. We enjoyed this great afternoon with sharing stories and laughing a lot. Many thanks to the old board: Carmen, Eveline, Kim and Marjolein. Carmen and Marjolein will stay in the same position in the new board. Tessa will take over the function of Eveline and Suzanne will take over the function of Kim. New board, we wish you the best of luck.


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