Student Celebrations



On April 29th we joined the beer pong competition that was held in our favourite bar, Studio Dependance. After weeks of practice the night was finally there to show if we got what it takes to call ourselves true beer pong talents. We were challenged by HD Heeren 69, DD Dylectus and HD Matador. After many rounds the gentlemen of HD Heeren 69 won the games and celebrated with a keg of beer and fireworks to accompany the many glasses of beer. Of course, everyone got a change to taste beer for the winning keg and  with the free beer flowing, the night began. Studio Dependance opened their doors to the public and on stage appeared Jody Bernal! You know that Dutch guy that scored a hit in 2000 with the Spanish performed song ‘Que si que no’! During the night music was played, the dance floor was crowded and drinks where to be found everywhere.  Every once in a while ‘Que si que no’ was mashed into the tape and many took pictures with Jody Bernal. Truly it was an amazing night, definitely one to remember!

Sometimes we can’t get enough of parties, and are always looking for an excuse to meet up for a drink or a party. And luckily for us we have the privilege to host our own parties every once in a while. Which brings us to another great celebration, just to get our summer vibes on, get out that summer wardrobe, pour some cocktails and spend as much time on the beach as possible.. Because summer is around the corner and school is almost over we would like to celebrate with you, the beginning of the Summer at NYX on the Beach !! The 3rd of June Studio Dependance will be transformed into a true beach club, where the nights are hot, the cocktails will be served all night long and there’s not a cloud in sight. To find out more about what will be the specials for this night, keep a close eye on our Facebook event or the tv screens in Studio Dependance. Come join us from 21:26 o’clock onwards, we will be happy to welcome you!

Time for us to make some summer memories and end the school year with a big splash.

“Let’s count the stars together…”

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