Brother, Sister Day !

On the 28th of March a bunch of girls came together for one of our favourite annual events. An event that we do not celebrate only among each other. The girls from our sorority spend so much time together and share everything with one another, just like family. It is safe to say therefore that in our eyes, NYX is our family. However in order not to forget our other family, you know, the one back in our home town where we grew up, with mum, dad, brothers and sisters, we host our relative day. And this year it was time to invite our brothers and sisters! Some brought their brother, some invited their sister and some invited both. An activity that both pleases guys and girls is not that easy to find, however, as we are at our best around each other, we would have liked any activity!

On the big day we got together at Olala Chocola Breda, where we could quickly guess what we were about to do. The chocolates in the window display looked amazing, and once inside, the smell was even better. Chocolate everywhere, not a bad start of the day at all! We were however surprised about what we were about to do, create our own chocolates. None of us had actually tried this before, so we were all very excited and created the most gorgeous looking chocolates around. You can find the results of our creativity here!

After the workshop we walked to Studio Dependance where we had drinks, and some stayed to enjoy dinner together. We had a blast and could not have asked for a better brother sister day! We are already looking forward to next year when we will invite our mothers for relative day.


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