NYX Annual Trip 2015

After having to wait a whole year and speculating for weeks, it finally was that time of year again; NYX Annual Trip 2015! At 7AM, 17 enthusiastic and curious goddesses gathered at Eindhoven airport to discover the destination chosen by Charlotte and Lous. In the welcome speech it was mentioned that on this trip 20 girls would join, which made us all recalculate the numbers. Mouths dropped when our beloved Renee walked towards us, she flew all the way from Cambodia to join the NAT 2015! After an emotional reunion where no tears were saved this year’s destination was announced; Warsaw, Poland!

Once we landed in Poland and drove to the accommodation another mouth-dropping moment took place. While we were all expecting to stay at a  hostel, we were surprised when arriving at the very luxurious H15 Boutique hotel, our home for the upcoming days. After checking in and looking around in the rooms it was time for lunch, a pick nick in one of Warsaws beautiful parks followed by a selfie tour, so we could get a good first impression of the city. A bit tired from travelling, chatting and laughing with everyone, we went for dinner which was then followed by a drink in a bar near the hotel. The first day went by quickly, let’s call it a night!

The next morning we went for breakfast in a cute bar, where we enjoyed a luxurious buffet with amongst others, pancake-pie, yoghurt, soup, salads and fresh bread. With our bellies al filled, we went for a city tour on yellow bikes, where we discovered more about the impressive history of Warsaw. This was then followed by a lunch in an Italian restaurant. After learning more about the history, we went to the War museum to discover even more about this interesting city. A bit hold up of what we saw there, we went back to the hotel with the message we had some free time and a fancy dress code for our evening plans. All dressed up, we had a fancy diner at an amazing restaurant followed by a night out in the club. Not a regular night out in town as we do every Wednesday in Breda, what were we shocked of the things we saw, only in Poland! People dress up totally different, they have dance moves which include splits, and most certainly don’t look blink for random champagne showers.  When entering the club, we could choose a mix drink, vodka or a Bacardi Breezer (yes, really) to start the night. In the early hours we left the club to get a reality check, once outside, the sun was already out and the sky entirely blue. Not sure of the sudden daylight that confused us or  if it was the booze. Once back at the hotel, we tried to sneak in as silent as possible in order to get a few hours sleep.

Day three arrived, some girls were still a little tipsy during breakfast in a place called Aioli, where we enjoyed the best breakfast you can have when hung-over! On our way to the next activity, funny stories and embarrassing pictures and videos from the trip so far were shared. The walk ended when we were standing in front of an old looking house which made us all very curious. Once inside we found out what was going to keep us busy for the next couple of hours; escape room! After looking for codes and keys, with some of the girls needing some extra hints, we finally escaped!

When all girls shared their experience in the escape room, some more free time was followed by dinner at a hip burger bar where we laughed more than we ate. Realizing the trip almost came to an end, one more activity was planned for us; cocktails in Marriot’s sky bar where we could see the beautiful city Warsaw from the sky in the night. After many drinks and good conversation, we went back to the hotel to sleep in the big hotel rooms for one last night.

After having a breakfast of choice, we checked out and prepared ourselves for the flight home. Still not done talking and laughing, are we ever?! We came to the conclusion that it was almost time to say our goodbyes. Once  arrived at the airport, the last zlotys were spend on anything since everything is so much cheaper there.


Back at Dutch soil at Eindhoven airport, we needed to get used to the fact that people once again could understand what we were saying. Back home, more pictures, videos and “I miss you guys already” and “It’s so silent” texts came by. Not only did we learn and remember words such as tak, nie, sklep and spotkac, we also learned even more from each other and remembered why this sorority is so important to us.

“Let’s count the stars together…”


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