External activities

11248805_763988283721014_1293151005009356243_oDuring the year, we are always trying new things and meeting new people, or simply catching up with friends. And that is exactly what we have been up to lately! In the last few weeks we spend an afternoon in the canals of Breda with the girls of DD Inana, drinking wine, beers, and enjoying yummy snacks which were created by both our aspirant members. Lucky girls that we are, the weather was perfect for an afternoon on a boat!

Later the evening we joined SV Xenia’s beercantus where we sang, drink and performed several punishments when we sang out of line. At the same time we challenged the girls of DD Inana in a beer pong contest at our favorite bar, Studio Dependance.

Thank you girls of DD Inana for the great activity!! For pictures please click here.

And only this week we met the guys of HD Matador in the Schoolstraat in order to play a game… Cluedo! Scripts were provided after the rolls were divided and how great was it to see that everyone lived up to their character!! Everyone’s hidden agenda’s made sure that there was plenty of laughter, and the Sociëteit’s bar made sure that there was plenty of beer!

Thanks for the great time and plenty of laughter HD Matador! To get an impression of the evening, please click here.


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