21-Dinner Louise

On June 28th is was time to pack our bags, wear our best festival outfit and head off to Woodstock Festival. The 2015 edition took place in the beautiful surroundings of Louise’s backyard in Lage Zwaluwe. Festival signs assisted us in finding the location where the fun was about to begin..

Decorated beautifully we entered a true festival ground, more signs, bubbles, flowers grass and comfy lounge areas were all taken care of. Kicking off the evening with a glass of rose sparkling wine while enjoying a water pipe as if we were in a real sisha lounge, was a perfect start of an amazing evening.

How great it was, everyone all dressed up, enjoying the chill and hippy-like scene. After dinner, which was all home made with love, and more than enough to feed all of us hungry galls, we discovered the chocolate fountain that was the perfect closure to a delicious dinner.

Crazy fun as Louise is, so much fun we had with all the probs, what turned the evening into a photoshoot! To see the results, please click here.

It was a fantastic evening and unfortunatly some girls had to call it a night. While some girls said their goodbyes, others rounded up near the fire with another glass of wine and talked untill the fire was put out. Getting ready for bed, while looking back on one amazing evening.

Thank you so much Louise, we had a wonderful time at Woodstock festival!!


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