We like games

What a busy, though fun period it has been last months. We joined a lot of parties of amongst others: SV Xenia, Fraternity Palto, Damesdispuut Vigeo, Gemengd dispuut Egidius, Damesdispuut Dylectus, Herendispuut Dutch Intelligence, Damesdisput Inana and this week we were at Boerke Verschuren to party with the gentlemen of Heerendispuut Heeren 69-Prima Nocte.

Last week we celebrated or 7th birthday! Already 7 years we are a great bunch of crazy and totally different girls who share laughter, tears, experiences and of course a lot of beer. We celebrated this with a “wie is de trol?” game of Get Events in the centre of Breda. A lot of fun games were set up, such as memory, a balloon fight, hints and making pictures of some highlights of Breda. We would like to thank Get Events for this great experience! Afterwards, we had dinner at the “Suikerkist”. We had an awesome night!

For more pictures, check our Instagram account! 2015-04-12--12-02-59

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