Celebrate good times…

It may seem as if we haven’t been up to much lately, but this is not the case! We were so busy having fun that we forgot to tell you about it. Sorry about that! Let’s fill you in on all our recent activities.

We kicked off 2016 with lots of champagne, bites and friends at SV Xenia’s New Years drink. Then we enjoyed more sparkling wine at our sister sorority DD Vigeo’s Champagne Shower, which we must add was served in style. The rosé champagne was a real nice touch. We danced the night away while singing way to loud and sipping on more champagne than was good for us. It was a night where the champagne came out and it was time to dance on the table. Literally. The next day, still a little bit bubbly from the champagne we had the night before, it was time to get ready for the next event. A gala, why not. SV Xenia hosted an amazing gala at Uncle Jean. All dolled up we enjoyed ourselves among the large quantity of unlimited Gin & Tonics and well, maybe a beer, or two.. Another memorable event later that week was one to remember. A golden wedding anniversary as we’d like to call it. The lucky ones that were able to manage with each other for a memorable 12,5 years are the members of SV ‘t KAG! We’re sure that this marriage is one that will last a lifetime!

The 15th of January was a special day for two of our goddesses, Karianne and Nina received their diploma! Congratulations girls, we wish you all the best in your carreer!

A weekend, filled with memories among friends from our beloved association. We are talking about the SV Xenia Weekend. A time where new members were introduced to SV Xenia and all its committees, sororities, fraternities and year clubs. Members and alumni were present to stand our ground and represent our beloved sorority on this weekend. Friendships were created, memories were made.

If you weren’t sure if we satisfied our need for partying, let me calm your nerves by telling you about another great party. Or well this party took place during the day, outside, in the cold. Very important therefore to make sure to stay warm by having a beer in every bar on the route. That is the way to stay warm. Hopping from one bar to another in the most creative outfits. Klunen the one time a year when all the above is aloud in broad daylight. Did you spot us? We were able to break free out of the pokey, just in time to join. Time to change we did not have, therefore we partied like we just didn’t care and were still wearing our jailbird outfit.

Guess we must had enough parties for a lifetime right?! Never. That’s why we were excited to visit recently opened café the Kater. Which means hangover or male cat in Dutch. Which one fits the atmosphere best, we’re not sure. However the vibes were great! Games were played, moves came out on the dance floor and beer was the drink of the evening.  Another great one was an evening hosted by DD Vigeo: Pre-Carnival. A legendary party that one must visit at least once. A great warm up for Carnival. As a tradition we celebrate Carnival together on the Saturday, this as we love honouring traditions, especially this one. A wonderful opportunity to dress up an catch up with our alumni members, who cleared their busy schedules to have a blast with the rest of us.

To conclude things, there was the annual board change of SV Xenia, where besides the ceremony, a diner and drink concluded the evening. Many gifts were exchanged and well what better way to thank the previous board and welcome the new? By celebrating together, enjoying all the many great gifts together. Sounds fun, especially when the gift is beer. A lot of it.

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