A lot of parties!

With a busy schedule we started another period filled with fun activities. To begin with another busy Wednesday night, where we started celebrations at the first party of YC Papillon in our second home Café Dunne.

These celebrations were then soon followed at Fraternity Palto’s ‘Soul im Schnee’. When we think of winter, we think of snow and ski, what rimes with Après Ski! And we all know what that means, shots and beer to keep us warm. Well, to keep us warm, the snow was no were to be found, but we kept drinking cause you never know when snow storms arrive. Better safe than sorry!

Another week, another drink. Starting with another drink with the girls, new and old mingling as we do. In this nice and relaxed setting we discussed our tactics, how are we planning on winning DD Chique’s Sangria Race? Because well, that title does sound amazing! Game on, we tried our best, eating the fruits and drinking the wine, but it was not enough. We should better stick to the things we know, beer. Cause drinking beer, well that’s more our cup of tea, or beer we should say!

Recovering from all the fruit we ate the day before we got ready for another exciting night, a tradition really. Together with SV ‘t KAG we celebrate their board change with a pub crawl. The word says it already, there we went, strolling through town while visiting as many pubs possible. We started at Studio Dependance, followed by Café de Kater and Café Dunne and many, many more that we can’t really remember the name of. Except Ameezing, cause we sure remember the many great performances by yours truly. Appearances upon request are possible. Please contact our manager and we’ll work something out 😉 That said it was once again a very successful evening. See you next year, cause this tradition is here to stay.

Last week’s celebrations were followed by another night out in town, kicking the night off at our home bar Studio Dependance. Having a mixer of members and new girls, because a family is never big enough! We continued the evening in Café Dunne once again with our brothers and sisters of  SV Xenia: DD Vigeo, GD Egidius, Fraternity Palto and even the gentlemen of HD Heeren 69 – Prima Nocte were present! This week we are preparing for our very own party: NYX SHOTNIGHT. We are looking forward seeing you tomorrow at 21h26 in Studio Dependance!


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