NYX Shotnight and Relative Day

Let us tell you about two weeks ago, which was a marvellous one! Starting with our very own party: NYX Shotnight. To honor one of our many traditions, we first had dinner together at Studio Dependance where we feel right at home. As from 21:26 o’clock it was time to open the doors and drink a whole lot of shots with all the other sororities and fraternities! It was the same concept as previous years: buy five shots and get the sixth for free! The thing that was different from previous editions, was the fact that every single shot represented a cocktail that is also served at Studio Dependance. Quite exciting all those cocktails served as shots! They all tasted so great but only managed to complete one shot card! Meaning that next year we should be able to complete at least two! Thank you all for this great evening, we had a blast! We can’t wait to throw another party and will be sure to keep you posted on any developments..

The day after, while some of us were still recovering from  the night before, we continued the good times. Eva had invited us and some of the girls from YC Consentio at her home to spend some quality time with each other. We played some games to get to know each other better and to play our favourite game: “slabakken”. Honestly, we can’t really even explain this one. You have to be there to get a good impression!

 To keep another of our traditions alive, we invited our mothers for the annual ‘Relative Day’ on a Saturday. The activity for the day was still a surprise thus when we arrived at “De Grott” it became clear that we all had to get our groove on since we had a Salsa Workshop! Even with the many complicated dance steps, we all enjoyed ourselves very much while dancing with each other’s mothers! To conclude this day full of joy and laughter, some drinks and bites awaited us in Studio Dependance where we got to know each other a little bit better! Many thanks to the great teachers of Salsa in Breda for teaching us the first steps in becoming a Salsa Dancer!


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