Spring festivities

Another month has past by with a lot of fun activities and party’s. Let’s kick off this post telling you all about an awesome activity we had together with the gentlemen of HD Brutus. Four weeks ago we were having a blast at the bowling centre. Not everyone was as good as they thought they were, but with all the beer in the picture, nobody really noticed. Lesson learned that evening, we are better at drinking beer than we are stars at the bowling league. That said, we continued the evening doing what we love best, having some beers in the city. We partied like no one was watching and it really was a night to remember.

After a nice and long Easter weekend we were all well rested and ready for the next lot of events. That week itself wasn’t really busy so it felt a bit like a holiday. On Wednesday we went to café Dunne with S.V. Xenia and drank some beers and more… The rest of the week we all spent studying and making projects, because that also needs to happen. In the end, we still want to do our best at school. Yes each goddess shares the qualities of a geek. A Greek geek that is!

All the resting came to an end when the next week began, were we were invited to many parties. To begin with a fun evening in the city centre on Tuesday. Visiting Peddels and other pubs, again drinking many beers. Because, as you might already know, our love for beer is serious. This week it was also that time of the year again, the Beer Draft Competition!  S.V. Xenia hosted a Masterclass where one could learn how to draft THE perfect beer. Afterwards it was time to put the things learned into practice by competing in the competition. Our dear goddess Eveline had the strength to participate and she eventually won this competition! We are so proud of her!! A celebration was in place. Therefore we continued the celebrations in the city centre.  On that same evening we went to café de Kater to join DD Dylectus’ party ‘De kater komt later.’ Later on we visited S.V. Xenia at café Dunne to celebrate the inauguration of our dear sisters from DD Vigeo. We would like to congratulate instalment 22 with their membership. Good job girls!

On Saturday, we were all travelling to the hometown of our beloved Marjolein, Elst. This evening she was hosted her 21-diner. Everyone was dressed chic but casual, since that was the theme. The nice table set-up fitted very well with this scene also combined with a glass of Prosecco as an aperitif. We were impressed from the beginning. But this wasn’t all of it. Marjolein had been cooking all day long, by herself, and with a little bit of help from her relatives. The three-course menu was delicious and especially the NYX pie in the end. Like have you ever tried tiramisu, but then in a cake, with a Oreo Cookie crunch? Honestly, this was for sure the best dessert of times!! We think this one should become a tradition on its own.. After all the fun the dinner party came to an end and some girls travelled back home. But for some the fun was about to begin! They put on their dancing shoes and hit the city centre of Nijmegen, to show off their moves and drink some more booze. Some of us weren’t able to walk in a proper way on their heels, there is no need to call names, but this meant that it was time to go home and rest. Thank you Marjolein for this amazing evening and again a happy belated birthday!


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