Celebrating sun

Spring break has come to an end and we enjoyed it very much. Meaning, what’s not to like about a holiday?! Let’s have a look back at the past few weeks and see what we have been up to lately. A lot of nice activities and festivities were on the schedule.  

To start with the instalment of our newest Nyx Nymph, SanneOn that note, we are very excited to have you as our new nymph and we hope you enjoy your application time. The same evening, we went to DD Vigeo’s Discozwemmen. We dove into this great party and had an awesome time. Like always enjoying our favourite beverage off all times, beer! 

Later that week we went to the Graanbeurs to join the lustrum party of HD Frisse Jongens 

To close off this week we travelled all the way to Nijmegen to join one of the biggest festivities of the yearCoupe Des Tempeliers. Technically this is a very serious student field hockey tournamenthowever it seems that each year it turns out more into a festival, with hockey as a side activity. Or in our case a party with student that happens to be held at a hockey clubWe had a great time together with our sisters from DD Vigeo. During the rest of the day a lot of other sororities and fraternities from Breda joined and we enjoyed this to the most. The weather was supposed to be really bad but fortunately, we only had a few drops of rain. Lucky us! The rest of the day we were able to enjoy the sun. We partied all day and some of us even made it to the night. This was only for the diehards among us, since the rest was too drunk to move on to the next party. So by this you can really tell we had a day to remember, or not. 😉 

Let’s move on to the next week, when we began with an an activity together with the guys of HD Dagobert. Many, many, many beers were flowing and beer pong was the movement of the night. Since our skills couldn’t beat theirs this time, we dared them for a revenge next time. This will be passed on to next years for sure. 

Next day we were all suffering from a major headache, but who cares? We were all ready to support our beloved Eveline at the beer draft competition. Unfortunately, this got cancelled due to some questionable reasons and is therefore rescheduledWe’ll get back to you on that one! Because then you are able to admire Eveline’s beer draft skills, definitely one to watch! In stead of this Xenia threw a party called Xenia goes down under at Walkabout café. We all still enjoyed the night and partied like no one was watching.  

The Monday after a nice and sunny weekend we joined HG Swaf at their party in Café De Bruine Pij. At their party, D’n Belgische bierkoning, you could enjoy five exclusive beers from Belgium. We sure loved it. Some beers were winners, others not so much, but what does it even matter. Beer is beer and we all like it. The rest of the week we all partied during Kingsnight and day as well of course. We all dressed up like a bunch of orange looking fruit and celebrated our king’s birthday.  

A couple days later it was already spring break. Some of kicked off this holiday with an amazing party hosted by one of our own: the lovely Kim in The Hague. Kim and her twin sister just turned 21 and that means you have to throw a massive party!! All dressed up like a true goddess she was showing off her dance moves. Rugby players and goddesses, a golden combination. We danced, drank some booze and enjoyed some really nice cake that one of her friends made her. Seriously, we could not get enough of this cake, like each bite, HEAVEN! Wow I think we’ll dream about this one for quite some time.. Thanks Kim for this amazing night. 

The rest of the vacation we all enjoyed differently. Some of us travelled to other countries and others made fun here in Holland since that week Holland was easily confused with sunny Ibiza. Others, where you would least expect it, such as our dear Carmen, were almost washed away by the rain. And that in Kuala Lumpur! I guess on this occasion, there was just not enough sunshine for the both of us. But she survived, and is probably working on her tan as we speak. 🙂 Others went to the very popular Pre-Jazz festival which is organized by HG Swaf and HD Frisse Jongens, in our home town, Breda. 

To wrap it up, we had another really nice event coming up. It was the 21 dinner of our goddess Lotte. All the way we had gone to Houten, which is for the ones who don’t know close to Utrecht. Her theme was summer and that was made very clear by all the decoration and our dress code. Oh wait, and the sun that came out especially for Lotte! We all put on our most summery looking dress and put on our highest heels to enjoy Lotte’s 8-course menu. We were all loving the food and good wine. The dessert was even the best of all. Peanut butter mousse, chocolate brownie ánd a parfait from orange and stroopwafel. It was de-li-ci-ous. Later that evening some of us ended up partying in Utrecht all night long and woke up with the sound of the ice-cream shop and hurried outside for too many scoops. combined with leftover dessert a match made in heaven! This must be the best breakfast ever right? Thank you Lotte for all your great cooking skills, we all really loved it. 

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