NAT 2016

It has already been three weeks ago but let us enlighten you all about our  6th NAT. The NAT is the Nyx Annual Trip, one weekend that is reserved to have a wonderful time with our Alunmi members. This year, we packed our bags to gather at Eindhoven Airport. We were all presuming that we should travel by plane for a city trip somewhere in Europe. However, when we got there it became clear that we were going on a road trip to Spa in the Ardennes. Another surprise awaited us at the airport, since our beloved Eline, who is currently on her placement in Munich, was joining us as well! There we went and our first stop: Veghel. In this small village our goddess Nina operates a restaurant of her own: Twentynine. We got to enjoy a lovely lunch here. Thereafter, we got back in the mini vans again to travel all the way to Spa. We stayed in a big old villa, which looked a little bit creepy. But it was an amazing place to stay, we even had a pool and a sauna! When we arrived we first had dinner and afterwards the “bonte avond” started. Every duo had prepared a song, a dance our a game and we were all entertained, it was hilarious.

The next day, we had to get up very early and travelled to a stone quarry and guess what we were going to do there: mountain climbing of course. Since, I almost forgot to mention that this was a tough-girl weekend! Some of us conquered their fear while climbing those mountains and whizzed down along a cableway. When we got home, we ate together and afterwards it was time for our very own private pool party. The pool area was turned into a disco and a tropical surprise awaited us in the form of a cocktail in a coconut. We played some games in the pool and partied all night long.

The next morning, still recovering from our hangovers, we were all afraid that we had to do something rough again. Whereas, we did not have to worry hence Tara and Bibi organized a relax day right at the pool. We manicured our nails, put on a face and hair mask and we were in our ultimate chill modus. And we could not have been happier when we found out that a masseur was hired! When we had all rested enough, we all got really hungry thus we drove to Aachen. We were welcomed in a lovely country house which was a biologic restaurant, all ingredients which were used in the dishes were local and biological so, a healthy dinner. It truly all tasted delicious.

Unfortunately, the last day had come and we all had to pack our bags again. Nonetheless, Tara and Bibi had one more activity planned for us before our journey back home. We turned ourselves into real cowgirls and climbed on a horse to explore the Ardennes a little bit more. Some of us were afraid and some of us mounted the horses as they had never done something else. Eventually, we got back in the mini vans again to go back home. All tired but satisfied about this great weekend  to catch up with all these lovely girls, it was a weekend full of laughter, fun and great stories. Thank you so much Tara and Bibi for organizing this amazing trip! We are already looking forward to next year.

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