Back after a long holiday

Now that our academic year has started over two months agp, we are glad to let you know that, besides all the boring lectures and meetings, we enjoy spending a lot of time with each other. We most certainly have missed each other during the summer holidays, and it’s not wist to separate these goddesses for too long.


We got together again during the Intersib. The theme of this year: Once upon a time! We imagined ourselves in a fairy tale with the prince, the princess, the wizard and the evil witch. A big round of applause for the Intersib committee for setting up the story and for arranging this incredible week. Three of our goddesses: Yanlan, Eline and Eva were mommies this year and they all had great freshmen in their classes. The other goddesses were also helping behind the scenes in the F&B, Games and Security team.

dsc00966The week started on a Tuesday when we welcomed all the students at school. Thereafter, the freshmen were send away into the city to play some games in the bars of Breda. However, it turned out that after a while, the beer got more interesting than the games. In the afternoon, we gathered like we do every year, at the Warande. Where we had a barbecue and started the party early with Café Dunne and SV Xenia. It turned out to be quite the evening, we danced the night away like no one was watching. The students did not get any time to have a good sleep since the games already started quite early. The weather was great that day so it was time to get into our bikini’s.

14141591_1022985111154662_6677309807203798074_nAfter lunch, we served green slush puppies, which was a welcoming refreshment during that sunny day! In the evening we partied with Café de Kater and SV t’ KAG and of course, the strippers hired by DD Vigeo were present as well. The final day, the students were expected to be present at school in their business attire for a lecture and a drink with their parents afterwards. What a great view, all those hangover faces looking smart in their outfits. We certainly enjoyed this week and we met a lot of great girls who were invited for our first drink!

For more pictures visit our Facebook or look on our Website


After having many drinks with lovely ladies, we found three enthusiastic new NYX Nymphs: Kiki, Erin and Stephanie are now learning how to fly. And maybe one day, we’ll count the stars together.

October 12 it was that time of the year again. Partying with the goddesses at Project (NY)X. It was the party we’ve only dared to dream about. The beer pong was on, many teams battled each other. We had heaps of fun and perhaps some of us had a beer or two too many at the end of the night. There was music, lots of green cups and great music. If you were there check your pictures on the website or Sorority NYX Facebook.


Lous, the roaring twenties.
Surprise surprise, one of our founders turned 29, on the 15th of October. Due to the fact that she never gotten the chance to celebrate it with all their goddesses, Tara and Bibi came up with the perfect idea. Why not give her a surprise party? And so we did, Together with 23 other goddesses we celebrated Lous’ 29 dinner, which had 5 courses including Tara’s homemade cupcakes and lots of wine. Lous had the night of her life as there where tears and laughter. It was a great success! To get an impression of this magical roaring 20’s night, please don’t hesitate to have a look at the pictures.

Susanne, dazzling white and lace.
Somewhere, in a land not very far from here a sweet lady turned 21. She changed her backyard into a lovely white dinning area filled with flowers and warmth. A delicious and fancy 6-course diner was served, accompanied with speeches, wine, and laughter. At the end of the evening, one of her own dessert creations was presented, accompanied by a cocktail bar. Which was both jummie! But the evening was not over jet, with some of her friends from back home and some goddesses, the night continued in the Rodenburg. It was a night to remember. Photo’s of Susanne’s 21-dinner.

Eline, what a surprise
Dear Eline, a godess that took a small break from her internship, to celebrate her birthday with her parents. Well at least, that’s what she thought. Her dad managed to entertain her throughout the day, while her family was making arrangements for her surprise 21 dinner. Let’s be honest, this girls is not one to be fooled easily and she definitely did not see this one coming. When she returned home she could not believe her eyes, a lot of goddesses in her home, why? And then it hit her, we were there for her birthday. This was celebrated with great food, but what we recall most is the sangria that we could not get enough of! After dinner, some went home, but others got ready for a night to remember, a classic, yet crazy, tent-party. We don’t blame you if until now you never ever heard of such a thing. But let me tell you, this one should be on your bucket list. Beer flying through the air is the part that will be remembered. What a great surprise! We hope it was everything you imagined your 21 dinner would look like. We certainly had a blast. Luckily we have the pictures to remember.



On the 3rd of  November, six of our beloved members received their propaedeutic certificate for Hotel Management. Congratulations to Pleun, Sanne, Carlijn, Eva, Laura and Ghislaine. This outstanding accomplishment was then celebrated at the Sibeliuslaan with some food and beverages. Afterwards the ladies visited the city center to celebrate it ones more, in style.




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