Parties and more!

Expeditie Inana

The girls of DD Inana invited us to enjoy their expedition Inana. Of course we could not resist this offer as we wanted to show our girl-power during this expedition. There were three rounds; the first round was tasting shots. Unfortunate we lost against Heeren 69 – Prima nocte. The second round was solving a puzzle; this round we won. And the last round, the assignment was to hold on to a rope, and the one who lasted the longest would win the competition. Again as Erin did her best, she could not keep up to strong man we competed against. We did not win, but of course there is always a round where we are good at, drinking beer! The rest of the evening we had fun with all the other fraternities, sororities and associations in the Peddels.

Beer draft competition

This year our lovely Eline van Blokland was participating in the Beer draft competition. She did a very good job as between almost 20 other participants she ended in the top 3. She became 3th and took home her winners’ cup. We are very proud of her, and maybe next time she will go for being number one. The rest of the night we spend in the Walkabout and other pubs to celebrate this victory.

Beer estafettes

The past month two beer relay events took place. First we had the bierestafette from Dylectus in Café de Kater on the 30th of November. Unfortunately, we could not participate. But Yanlan and Carmen visited the Kater to see who would be the victor of this night. Next time we will be joining again to kick some asses!

Second there was the HD Dutch beer armageddon. This took place in Café Publieke Werken. Our brothers of fraternity Palto were in the finals against HD Matador. This was a tight one but eventually HD Matador took the lead.

Board changes

This month we attended two board changes. As well as DD Sophisticats as HG Swaf its board change was a pleasure to attend. We again want to thank the old boards for all their effort and would like to wish the new boards the best of luck during this upcoming period.

winterwonderland‘t KAG 
winter wonderland

Always when there is a party of ‘t KAG we are having lots of fun. This edition as well, we put on our Christmas heads and danced the night away. ‘t KAG turned the whole Café the
Kater into winter wonderland, even Olaf was at the party.


Dinner @ sibdinner-sib

One of our members, Laura, had her management week at Sibelious. Due to the fact that she was the chef this week, we were eager to try some of her creations. We had a delicious three-course dinner accompanied with some wine. At the end of the evening Laura had some time off so we could take some photos for in our photo album. Thanks Lau for the amazing dinner, you did a great job!


Christmas Drink SV Xenia

Last Wednesday, we all went to the Sibeliuslaan, kerstborrelas we could earn some money for the association by drinking! Well, we sure earned some money! During daytime, Xenia organized a contest where you could win 10 free beers if you could guess how many Christmas balls there where in a vase. Unfortunately, we did not win. However, that definitely did not ruin our evening! The wine’s and beers tasted a bit too well, and if that was not enough, we also received some ‘bitterballen’ from school. We saw some crazy Christmas sweaters, and took a picture for serious request with Damesdispuut Vigeo. After all those beers and wines, we all got hungry and went to McDonalds for diner!

Activity HD Matador

The 14th of December we celebrated together with Matador their birthday. As it is tradition we played living cluedo, this time at Café Dunne. It was an entertaining evening full of laughter and joy. The aspirant members arranged some food and so the evening began. There were two mixed activiteit-matadorfraternities called; RANJA and DUBBELFRIS, besides we had the police to keep track of everything that happened that evening. Moreover, we arranged some cake and wine for Matador’s birthday which disappeared magically outside, this is the moment where Guy got caked. Of course there were two persons who won the Cluedo battle. From HD Matador this was Camiel (aka Sjakie) and from our sorority this was Louise (aka Bep). After more beers we continued going into the city centre together.

Don’t eat the yellow snowdont-eat-the-yellow-snow

Our lovely brothers and sisters of GD Egidius organized a lovely party in Café De Bruine Pij. There theme was Don’t eat the yellow snow. The party was amazing, we got free shots, lovely Santa Clause heads and a whole night full of carnival, apreski and as we like to call is ‘de goude oude’ songs. Thank for again a night to never forget.

Pubcrawl with ‘t KAG

And if this all wasn’t enough fun for one week, we went on a pub-crawl with Studentenvereniging t’KAG on Wednesday. The goal was to visit all the pubs where you normally would not go to. Well, we sure did succeed! After meeting at The Dependance, we started with green shots at Café De Vrachtwagen. We played some Mex and darts there, and then decided that it was time to move on to the next bar, so we visited ‘Club Danza’. This was not a great success, so we quickly went to the next bar: ‘Café Oke’. Here we showed our skills with a strippers’ pole. Gladly there are no pictures! If this was not crazy enough, we played some Twister on the dancefloor from ‘de Feestfabriek’ with some random other people. After limbo dancing on that same dancefloor as well, we decided to move to Café de Kater to close this crazy pub-crawl together. To conclude, during the pub-crawl we lost some people, and gained some new people to the group. We played drinking games, darts, danced around the strippers’ pole, took some body shots, played twister, and after some ‘Killer Sniffs’, most people gave it up for the night. Thank you, Studentenvereniging t’KAG for this night that we will not quickly forget!

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