Sinterklaas, New Year and Christmas Parties

Also this year the December month we celebrated Sinterklaas, New Year and Christmas together. We even developed a Chrismas card and did a real life mannequin (this can be found on our instagram or @SororityNYX )

SinterKerst & Nieuwxmas-nyx

To celebrate all the festivities of December, we started of with a SinterKerst & Nieuw gathering. We picked some names, for whom a present will be bought together with a nice surprise. Accompanies with some tapas and booze we started off the night with over 10 girls. Classic anecdotes, situations and lovely notes where passed though to each other. From sushi rolls,  avocados, bottles of liqueur to dori’s every present was as creative as accurate. We ended the night at our favorite bar Dependance which escalated into a fun night with lots of dances and laughs.

Boerke’s Badhuis

In the same week as SinterKerst & Nieuw we visited our beloved Heeren 69, Prima Nocte. As they threw a party which was called Boerke’s Badhuis. We had heaps of fun, and enjoyed the evening with lots of beer and some rubber ducks.

New years Eve with NYX new-year-eve-2017

As traditions are there to keep this year’s New year’s eve was organised by Lotte, Yanlan and Kiki. Two days beforehand, the girls did some major grocery shopping and bought the stuff to make sure this night will be unforgettable. After spending two days straight in the kitchen, the decoration process started. Lotte’s place was turned into a beautiful cozy home to celebrate New years. On the night of the 31st of December the Goddesses of Sorority NYX gathered at Lotte’s place. The table was set for 13 goddesses and soon a delicious 6-course dinner would be served. The girls also all received a little gift during that night. Every goddess received a little notebook and a pen. The idea was to write wishes for each other and memories from 2016. After the necessary glasses of wine, these messages soon became very loving. After the dinner, we counted down and drank champagne. We gathered outside to light our mini fireworks. We are such rebels. Watching the fireworks was amazing but then we soon headed inside as it was freezing cold. We continued the night by doing karaoke in the living room, drinking more champagne and then we left to go to the city. We joined a party in the Boterhal and we brought our little notebooks with us. Some of us have found weird messages in them which makes the night all the more memorable. It was great to celebrate this new years with our sorority and it was great to share memories and write down wishes for each other. We are looking forward to the next new years already! #NYEwithNYX

High tea – Board change board-change-2017

As yearly activity, we have the first Sunday of the end of the Christmas holiday our board change, in form of High Tea. This year we visited Mirabelle located just out of the city center of Breda. We had some delicious sweets and sandwiches. Besides, our board changed from board Noordanus to board Van Wonderen. We want to thank, Lotte, Eva, Laura and Yanlan for their effort, time and hard work. Moreover, we want to congratulate Yanlan, Inge, Pleun and Eline with their new function in the board of NYX and all the best of luck!

New Years Drink @ Sibeliuslaan

The NHTV university of applied Science, Sibeliuslaan provided a new years drink for all their students. Of course we were attending this event! Moreover, after some snacks, drinks and small talks with our fellow students, fraternities and sororities we did not get enough. Some of the NYX girls decided to have our all so famous; Vodka Night. This entails drinking Vodka and eventually go into the city center of Breda.

To conclude, the new year has been well to us. We enjoyed each others company, food and plenty of alcohol. But that’s what a holiday, and being a student is for!

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