Parties and Valentine <3

Xenia Boardchange
board-change-afterpartOn the 31st of January, it was time again for the oh so famous Xenia Board change. We all got dressed up to attend the official ceremony, where we had the opportunity to look back at the year of Board Mordant, and to welcome Board Bosma. All the funny pictures and videos were part of the ceremony of course. After the ceremony, we had dinner in Sibelicious. A nice walking dinner with some speeches and of course the announcement of lots of kegs of beer.

The Xenia board change wouldn’t be the same without a great party at night and without many kegs of beer. As from 9 o’clock, we joined the party at Café Dunne, where we had a lot of fun and a lot of drinks!

‘T Kag Final Countdown
On the same night as the Xenia Boardchange, ‘T Kag hosted a great party as well. We joined everyone in Café De Kater to have some fun here as well, and have a chat with everyone. This concept was that every hour a different year was played.  The years; 2017, 2008, 2003, 1992 & 1988 came by. Overall, it was a great night, as we known of ‘t KAG.

vigeoVigeo Airlines
On Wednesday the 1st of February, we were ready for takeoff to the Walkabout, where Vigeo hosted their party ‘Vigeo Airlines’. Together with our sisters of Vigeo, dressed as stewardesses, we went sky high to a beautiful destination. We really enjoyed flying with Vigeo Airlines this evening.

masqueradeXenia presents: Masquerade party
After the board change it was up to board Mordant to host they last party for the sororities, fraternities and other members. The theme was masquerade so everyone was wearing masks in all different colors. Again, this night ended with many many booze, dance battles, beer pong and selfies.

Sorority NYX presents: Shotnight Secret Valentine Edition
On Wednesday the 8th of February, we were throwing our annual shot night. First, we started the evening with a nice dinner at Studio Dependance. As from 21:26, everyone was welcome and we were ready to party. The concept of the shot night has been the same as the previous years: buy five shots and get the sixth on the house. This year we had the secret valentine theme so; love was in the air. Studio Dependance had plenty of valentine decoration; candy hearts, balloons, and so on. Everyone was wearing a bracelet that shows your shotnightstatus to make sure no awkward admirers would bother you during the night. Our three lovely cupids (NYX Nymphs) were helping everyone to find the love of their lives. It was even possible to marry the one you love (maybe just for one night) in our wedding chapel. Finally, the shots Crazy Cupid and Clumsy Crush were such a success. Everyone collected at least 1,5 shot card. And we made sure, nobody was going home (alone and) sober!

matadorMatador presents: I LOVE COLLEGE
The Matador party of the year was also held Wednesday (8th February) evening. This was their well-known, famous; I LOVE COLLEGE. During that night, the lovely ladies of Matador were looking good. After a few beers and the first act (the Djembe artist), the final act was ready. As every year HD Matador surprised us. We are looking forward to next year boys!


Borrels & Bites: Valentines Edition
This edition we invited DD Inana and HD Brutus. As our borrels & bites was held on the 14th of February we introduced a valentine edition. We decorated the Dependance with hearts and sweet candy. At 19:30 we welcomed Inana and Brutus with some bottles of cava. Afterwards the bites were served and the guys from Je Weet Wel started to sing. We have had an amazing night full of laughs and drinks. Thank you guys!


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