The start of the year

What a great kick off of the year! The new school year started with an awesome Intersib organised by two of our members. Inge and Eline did an awesome job as head of day and night activities.  As Sorority NYX, we organised the famous game ‘twister’ were we got the chance to meet the new ‘sibjes’. You might also had one of our delicious green slush puppies. We danced the night away at the parties and the morning after we woke up with a serious hangover. Luckily, we had a chance to recover in the weekend.

Next week, the partied continued at café Dunne. We dressed up according to the theme CEO’s and Office Ho’s and drank many beers.  Beforehand, we got a chance to meet the new girls during our drink at Studio Dependance.

In the meantime, one of our beloved members, Tessa,  graduated. Together we celebrated this. Firstly at the NHTV where she was received her diploma. After dinner, we celebrated some more in the city centre.

One of our goddesses turned 21 in this year, and according to our tradition she invited the other members over to her parents’ house for a lovely dinner. Inge served a delicious 5 course dinner with all of her (and of course our,) favourite dishes. Furthermore, a 21 dinner is not complete without multiple speeches. In the spotlight, the impressive speech of her parents with some nice pictures on the beamer which gave all the girls some goosebumbs. After this incredible evening, the night continued with some more booze, dances, and fun!

During one of our drinks, GetEvents organized a fantastic pub quiz. We had an amazing night full with laughter and fun. Our general knowledge and dance moves were tested. Afterwards, we continued the party at café Dunne.

Traditionally, the freshmen of Xenia will be guided through the nightlife of Breda during Colours of Xenia. After the first party of Xenia at Café Dunne it was now time to meet the others. Xenia organized a night full of bar crawls and games. Starting in Café Dunne where we received the t-shirts, we continued to De Bruine Pij, Walkabout, Dependance and Janssen. Our brothers and sisters of Egidius arranged the funnel where the contestant could chuck down some beers. Furthermore, Vigeo did they yearly ‘flugel happen’ were some of us participated but, unluckily we had to give away our number one title which we defended for 4 years. Next up, was our game in Studio Dependance. We organised the famous beer train. Lastly, our brothers of Palto gave us a delicious shot at café Janssen. To conclude, we showed the freshman of Xenia how to party, and surely how to drink!

One of the highlight of our last two months are our brand new NYX nymphs. We wish them the best of luck and we looking forward to many nights outs and some great memories.




To sum up, we had an amazing start of the year and we definitely look forward to the upcoming events.

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