The start of 2018!


It has been a long time BUT WE ARE BACK! We’ve been crazy busy the past months with what we like most; partying!

Let’s see where we left off, the start of our 10th year and our second lustrum. We kicked it off together on the 26th of November at our private lustrum party at Mirabel. Followed by our NYX lustrum Party in the Dependance on the 6th of December. And still we have plenty lustrum activities to come, just to mention a few: the upcoming shotnight party the 14th of March and our NAT (NYX ANNUAL TRIP) coming up!

And then it was New Year! We started this year as is a tradition with each other. Yanlan and Carmen created an amazing 4-course menu accompanied by some tasty wines. Together we counted down to the new year and cheered on many more to come.

Moreover, some of the girls decided to organize a trip to Winterberg, for a few days they took the car and just went off for some winter wonderland fun. Eline, Laura, Myrthe, and Carmen were even that lucky to spot the Gebroeders Ko. Unfortunately for us, because now we have to listen all the time to their new single which goes a bit like this; “Meloenen, Meloenen, Meloenen”.

That brings us to our favorite event of the year; Carnaval! This year, as is a tradition we gathered goddesses from all over the country to celebrate carnival in our Kielegat. This year we dressed up as bae watch, indeed not bay watch but, we were watching for our bae. But as every year, some succeeded, but some did not. Nonetheless, we always have our goddesses to share some love with <3.

Furthermore, in the past few months, we said goodbye to our former board of Myrthe Speijer, who left together with Tessa to Asia for some, and we already heard wonderful adventures. Also, we had to say goodbye to Erin who left off for her internship to Australia and Laura who you can spot in her fancy red outfit teaching kids how to pizza and French fries in Austria. In the months between, the oldies took over, woop woop! Lotte, Yanlan, and Carmen seized the position as the interim board until we welcomed back the other Aussie girls, Stephanie & Carlijn. Who also decided to come back was our lovely Sanne. Together they form the new board Emons. But the board was not complete without an abactis. Directly from her aspirant time she joined the board is our own Moniek! So, we present you with proud our newest installment (16); Moniek, Fay, and Aimee. Enjoy your student life girls, it’s the best!

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