Party’s & more 2018!

The past few months we have been very busy again! Let’s have a look back to these crazy, busy, and lovely months! Again with many parties, drank lots of beers and of course had lots of fun! And something definitely not to forget: the summer break is almost there!

To start with an activity with H.D. Brutus. Together we showed our best bowling skills, like we did last year as well. After a fun bowling evening, we went to the Pre-Jazz festival at the MEZZ.

Moreover, we went to the Lustrum party of D.D. Inana called: de Première at café Peddels. Also, we had a great evening together with the girls of D.D. Inana at Studio Dependance. It was a lovely summer edition of our ‘Borrels & Bites’. This summer edition included some nice cold Corona, yay! After lots of Corona we went to shots and Peddels, it was a great evening!

The board of our Sorority went to the ‘bestuursborrel’ of S.V. Virgo. Later in the evening there was a party which was organised by them.

Furthermore, we attended lots of party’s which were organised by S.V. Xenia: A lovely Lustrum Gala, the final Lustrum party, Netflix & Camiel, and the awesome Beercantus. The Gala was located on a boat, which sailed through the canals of Rotterdam. On the boat we had a delicious 5 course walking diner and heaps of drinks. At the Netflix & Camiel party, Café Dunne had turned into a cinema. Together with sofas, popcorn and beers it was a great evening to watch some movies.

D.D. Vigeo organized their well-known event: Vigeo’s Crazy 88. Of course we participated, with our awesome ‘4xNYX’ team. After the Crazy 88, we enjoyed a lovely BBQ at Café Walkabout. It was a crazy but fun day!

We were present at the party of H.D. Heeren 69 – Prima Nocte. Their party called Boerke’s Boogie Wonderland at Boerke Verschuren. With great music and an awesome dancefloor we danced the night away! Moreover, we attended the Roséborrel of H.G. SWAF and enjoyed some nice glasses of rosé.

There was also a party organised by G.D. Egidius: Summervibes XXL mega turbo edition at Café de Bruine Pij. They placed a jacuzzi outside at the café and had a Sangria bar, where we definitely ordered a lot of Sangria. It was a great party!

Furthermore, we had a great evening together with Y.C. Venatores. We played a bunch of drinking games, such as stress pong, beer pong, and many more. After the games we went to the city center together and enjoyed a very drunk evening.

Moreover, we had an activity together with Fraternity Palto. We rented a boat and sailed through the canals of Breda. We had some tasty bites and of course not to forget a lot of beers. After the boat trip we went to the party of D.D. Vigeo and S.V. ‘t Kag: Spetter, Spitter, Spater, (ver)zuip jij in de Walk of de Kater? The same week, Fraternity Palto organized a party as well: Vrienden van Palto, which we attended as well!

This year we went to Coupe Des Templiers again! This edition we went together with the lovely girls of D.D. Chique. Before CDT started we drank lots of cava, and had some brunch together. Also, we won VIP tickets for the festival, so we enjoyed the VIP balcony, and some of us even enjoyed the Jacuzzi!

To kick of the summer we organized our last party of the year: Sorority NYX presents Costa Cava Lustrum Edition. This year Costa Cava returned in lustrum style: a roadtrip to the coasts of Spain. Our third edition of this mediterranean party took place on the 6th of June at Studio Dependance. We drank a lot of Cava with everyone who were present at our party, and we enjoyed it very much!

This year the NAT was back! It was a lustrum trip to the beautiful Mallorca, where we enjoyed the great weather, food, and drinks. We have explored Palma, rode our scooters across the whole island, had dinner with an amazing view of the city and of course worked on our tan! This was definitely a trip to never forget!

Furthermore, two of our goddesses have graduated! Congratulations to Inge Teitsma and Yanlan van Wonderen!! We are so proud of you!

To finalize this semester, we have a goodbye party at the Sib this week, since the academy of hotel and facility management is going to move to another location. On Wednesday we will celebrate all the good times at the NHTV S-building. After the party we will have an afterparty at Café Dunne together with S.V. Xenia and all the Sororities and Fraternities. We are going to another party this evening as well of H.D. Dutch Intelligence: Ciao at Café de Kater.

Even though, the last party’s before the summer break are almost over, we have a great BBQ waiting for us next week together with all the members of our sorority. We can’t wait!

Enjoy your summer holidays!

‘Let’s count the stars together…’

Sorority NYX

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