Back after a long holiday

Now that our academic year has started over two months agp, we are glad to let you know that, besides all the boring lectures and meetings, we enjoy spending a lot of time with each other. We most certainly have missed each other during the summer holidays, and it’s not wist to separate these goddesses for too long.


We got together again during the Intersib. The theme of this year: Once upon a time! We imagined ourselves in a fairy tale with the prince, the princess, the wizard and the evil witch. A big round of applause for the Intersib committee for setting up the story and for arranging this incredible week. Three of our goddesses: Yanlan, Eline and Eva were mommies this year and they all had great freshmen in their classes. The other goddesses were also helping behind the scenes in the F&B, Games and Security team.

dsc00966The week started on a Tuesday when we welcomed all the students at school. Thereafter, the freshmen were send away into the city to play some games in the bars of Breda. However, it turned out that after a while, the beer got more interesting than the games. In the afternoon, we gathered like we do every year, at the Warande. Where we had a barbecue and started the party early with Café Dunne and SV Xenia. It turned out to be quite the evening, we danced the night away like no one was watching. The students did not get any time to have a good sleep since the games already started quite early. The weather was great that day so it was time to get into our bikini’s.

14141591_1022985111154662_6677309807203798074_nAfter lunch, we served green slush puppies, which was a welcoming refreshment during that sunny day! In the evening we partied with Café de Kater and SV t’ KAG and of course, the strippers hired by DD Vigeo were present as well. The final day, the students were expected to be present at school in their business attire for a lecture and a drink with their parents afterwards. What a great view, all those hangover faces looking smart in their outfits. We certainly enjoyed this week and we met a lot of great girls who were invited for our first drink!

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After having many drinks with lovely ladies, we found three enthusiastic new NYX Nymphs: Kiki, Erin and Stephanie are now learning how to fly. And maybe one day, we’ll count the stars together.

October 12 it was that time of the year again. Partying with the goddesses at Project (NY)X. It was the party we’ve only dared to dream about. The beer pong was on, many teams battled each other. We had heaps of fun and perhaps some of us had a beer or two too many at the end of the night. There was music, lots of green cups and great music. If you were there check your pictures on the website or Sorority NYX Facebook.


Lous, the roaring twenties.
Surprise surprise, one of our founders turned 29, on the 15th of October. Due to the fact that she never gotten the chance to celebrate it with all their goddesses, Tara and Bibi came up with the perfect idea. Why not give her a surprise party? And so we did, Together with 23 other goddesses we celebrated Lous’ 29 dinner, which had 5 courses including Tara’s homemade cupcakes and lots of wine. Lous had the night of her life as there where tears and laughter. It was a great success! To get an impression of this magical roaring 20’s night, please don’t hesitate to have a look at the pictures.

Susanne, dazzling white and lace.
Somewhere, in a land not very far from here a sweet lady turned 21. She changed her backyard into a lovely white dinning area filled with flowers and warmth. A delicious and fancy 6-course diner was served, accompanied with speeches, wine, and laughter. At the end of the evening, one of her own dessert creations was presented, accompanied by a cocktail bar. Which was both jummie! But the evening was not over jet, with some of her friends from back home and some goddesses, the night continued in the Rodenburg. It was a night to remember. Photo’s of Susanne’s 21-dinner.

Eline, what a surprise
Dear Eline, a godess that took a small break from her internship, to celebrate her birthday with her parents. Well at least, that’s what she thought. Her dad managed to entertain her throughout the day, while her family was making arrangements for her surprise 21 dinner. Let’s be honest, this girls is not one to be fooled easily and she definitely did not see this one coming. When she returned home she could not believe her eyes, a lot of goddesses in her home, why? And then it hit her, we were there for her birthday. This was celebrated with great food, but what we recall most is the sangria that we could not get enough of! After dinner, some went home, but others got ready for a night to remember, a classic, yet crazy, tent-party. We don’t blame you if until now you never ever heard of such a thing. But let me tell you, this one should be on your bucket list. Beer flying through the air is the part that will be remembered. What a great surprise! We hope it was everything you imagined your 21 dinner would look like. We certainly had a blast. Luckily we have the pictures to remember.



On the 3rd of  November, six of our beloved members received their propaedeutic certificate for Hotel Management. Congratulations to Pleun, Sanne, Carlijn, Eva, Laura and Ghislaine. This outstanding accomplishment was then celebrated at the Sibeliuslaan with some food and beverages. Afterwards the ladies visited the city center to celebrate it ones more, in style.




NAT 2016

It has already been three weeks ago but let us enlighten you all about our  6th NAT. The NAT is the Nyx Annual Trip, one weekend that is reserved to have a wonderful time with our Alunmi members. This year, we packed our bags to gather at Eindhoven Airport. We were all presuming that we should travel by plane for a city trip somewhere in Europe. However, when we got there it became clear that we were going on a road trip to Spa in the Ardennes. Another surprise awaited us at the airport, since our beloved Eline, who is currently on her placement in Munich, was joining us as well! There we went and our first stop: Veghel. In this small village our goddess Nina operates a restaurant of her own: Twentynine. We got to enjoy a lovely lunch here. Thereafter, we got back in the mini vans again to travel all the way to Spa. We stayed in a big old villa, which looked a little bit creepy. But it was an amazing place to stay, we even had a pool and a sauna! When we arrived we first had dinner and afterwards the “bonte avond” started. Every duo had prepared a song, a dance our a game and we were all entertained, it was hilarious.

The next day, we had to get up very early and travelled to a stone quarry and guess what we were going to do there: mountain climbing of course. Since, I almost forgot to mention that this was a tough-girl weekend! Some of us conquered their fear while climbing those mountains and whizzed down along a cableway. When we got home, we ate together and afterwards it was time for our very own private pool party. The pool area was turned into a disco and a tropical surprise awaited us in the form of a cocktail in a coconut. We played some games in the pool and partied all night long.

The next morning, still recovering from our hangovers, we were all afraid that we had to do something rough again. Whereas, we did not have to worry hence Tara and Bibi organized a relax day right at the pool. We manicured our nails, put on a face and hair mask and we were in our ultimate chill modus. And we could not have been happier when we found out that a masseur was hired! When we had all rested enough, we all got really hungry thus we drove to Aachen. We were welcomed in a lovely country house which was a biologic restaurant, all ingredients which were used in the dishes were local and biological so, a healthy dinner. It truly all tasted delicious.

Unfortunately, the last day had come and we all had to pack our bags again. Nonetheless, Tara and Bibi had one more activity planned for us before our journey back home. We turned ourselves into real cowgirls and climbed on a horse to explore the Ardennes a little bit more. Some of us were afraid and some of us mounted the horses as they had never done something else. Eventually, we got back in the mini vans again to go back home. All tired but satisfied about this great weekend  to catch up with all these lovely girls, it was a weekend full of laughter, fun and great stories. Thank you so much Tara and Bibi for organizing this amazing trip! We are already looking forward to next year.

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Celebrating sun

Spring break has come to an end and we enjoyed it very much. Meaning, what’s not to like about a holiday?! Let’s have a look back at the past few weeks and see what we have been up to lately. A lot of nice activities and festivities were on the schedule.  

To start with the instalment of our newest Nyx Nymph, SanneOn that note, we are very excited to have you as our new nymph and we hope you enjoy your application time. The same evening, we went to DD Vigeo’s Discozwemmen. We dove into this great party and had an awesome time. Like always enjoying our favourite beverage off all times, beer! 

Later that week we went to the Graanbeurs to join the lustrum party of HD Frisse Jongens 

To close off this week we travelled all the way to Nijmegen to join one of the biggest festivities of the yearCoupe Des Tempeliers. Technically this is a very serious student field hockey tournamenthowever it seems that each year it turns out more into a festival, with hockey as a side activity. Or in our case a party with student that happens to be held at a hockey clubWe had a great time together with our sisters from DD Vigeo. During the rest of the day a lot of other sororities and fraternities from Breda joined and we enjoyed this to the most. The weather was supposed to be really bad but fortunately, we only had a few drops of rain. Lucky us! The rest of the day we were able to enjoy the sun. We partied all day and some of us even made it to the night. This was only for the diehards among us, since the rest was too drunk to move on to the next party. So by this you can really tell we had a day to remember, or not.😉 

Let’s move on to the next week, when we began with an an activity together with the guys of HD Dagobert. Many, many, many beers were flowing and beer pong was the movement of the night. Since our skills couldn’t beat theirs this time, we dared them for a revenge next time. This will be passed on to next years for sure. 

Next day we were all suffering from a major headache, but who cares? We were all ready to support our beloved Eveline at the beer draft competition. Unfortunately, this got cancelled due to some questionable reasons and is therefore rescheduledWe’ll get back to you on that one! Because then you are able to admire Eveline’s beer draft skills, definitely one to watch! In stead of this Xenia threw a party called Xenia goes down under at Walkabout café. We all still enjoyed the night and partied like no one was watching.  

The Monday after a nice and sunny weekend we joined HG Swaf at their party in Café De Bruine Pij. At their party, D’n Belgische bierkoning, you could enjoy five exclusive beers from Belgium. We sure loved it. Some beers were winners, others not so much, but what does it even matter. Beer is beer and we all like it. The rest of the week we all partied during Kingsnight and day as well of course. We all dressed up like a bunch of orange looking fruit and celebrated our king’s birthday.  

A couple days later it was already spring break. Some of kicked off this holiday with an amazing party hosted by one of our own: the lovely Kim in The Hague. Kim and her twin sister just turned 21 and that means you have to throw a massive party!! All dressed up like a true goddess she was showing off her dance moves. Rugby players and goddesses, a golden combination. We danced, drank some booze and enjoyed some really nice cake that one of her friends made her. Seriously, we could not get enough of this cake, like each bite, HEAVEN! Wow I think we’ll dream about this one for quite some time.. Thanks Kim for this amazing night. 

The rest of the vacation we all enjoyed differently. Some of us travelled to other countries and others made fun here in Holland since that week Holland was easily confused with sunny Ibiza. Others, where you would least expect it, such as our dear Carmen, were almost washed away by the rain. And that in Kuala Lumpur! I guess on this occasion, there was just not enough sunshine for the both of us. But she survived, and is probably working on her tan as we speak.🙂 Others went to the very popular Pre-Jazz festival which is organized by HG Swaf and HD Frisse Jongens, in our home town, Breda. 

To wrap it up, we had another really nice event coming up. It was the 21 dinner of our goddess Lotte. All the way we had gone to Houten, which is for the ones who don’t know close to Utrecht. Her theme was summer and that was made very clear by all the decoration and our dress code. Oh wait, and the sun that came out especially for Lotte! We all put on our most summery looking dress and put on our highest heels to enjoy Lotte’s 8-course menu. We were all loving the food and good wine. The dessert was even the best of all. Peanut butter mousse, chocolate brownie ánd a parfait from orange and stroopwafel. It was de-li-ci-ous. Later that evening some of us ended up partying in Utrecht all night long and woke up with the sound of the ice-cream shop and hurried outside for too many scoops. combined with leftover dessert a match made in heaven! This must be the best breakfast ever right? Thank you Lotte for all your great cooking skills, we all really loved it. 

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Spring festivities

Another month has past by with a lot of fun activities and party’s. Let’s kick off this post telling you all about an awesome activity we had together with the gentlemen of HD Brutus. Four weeks ago we were having a blast at the bowling centre. Not everyone was as good as they thought they were, but with all the beer in the picture, nobody really noticed. Lesson learned that evening, we are better at drinking beer than we are stars at the bowling league. That said, we continued the evening doing what we love best, having some beers in the city. We partied like no one was watching and it really was a night to remember.

After a nice and long Easter weekend we were all well rested and ready for the next lot of events. That week itself wasn’t really busy so it felt a bit like a holiday. On Wednesday we went to café Dunne with S.V. Xenia and drank some beers and more… The rest of the week we all spent studying and making projects, because that also needs to happen. In the end, we still want to do our best at school. Yes each goddess shares the qualities of a geek. A Greek geek that is!

All the resting came to an end when the next week began, were we were invited to many parties. To begin with a fun evening in the city centre on Tuesday. Visiting Peddels and other pubs, again drinking many beers. Because, as you might already know, our love for beer is serious. This week it was also that time of the year again, the Beer Draft Competition!  S.V. Xenia hosted a Masterclass where one could learn how to draft THE perfect beer. Afterwards it was time to put the things learned into practice by competing in the competition. Our dear goddess Eveline had the strength to participate and she eventually won this competition! We are so proud of her!! A celebration was in place. Therefore we continued the celebrations in the city centre.  On that same evening we went to café de Kater to join DD Dylectus’ party ‘De kater komt later.’ Later on we visited S.V. Xenia at café Dunne to celebrate the inauguration of our dear sisters from DD Vigeo. We would like to congratulate instalment 22 with their membership. Good job girls!

On Saturday, we were all travelling to the hometown of our beloved Marjolein, Elst. This evening she was hosted her 21-diner. Everyone was dressed chic but casual, since that was the theme. The nice table set-up fitted very well with this scene also combined with a glass of Prosecco as an aperitif. We were impressed from the beginning. But this wasn’t all of it. Marjolein had been cooking all day long, by herself, and with a little bit of help from her relatives. The three-course menu was delicious and especially the NYX pie in the end. Like have you ever tried tiramisu, but then in a cake, with a Oreo Cookie crunch? Honestly, this was for sure the best dessert of times!! We think this one should become a tradition on its own.. After all the fun the dinner party came to an end and some girls travelled back home. But for some the fun was about to begin! They put on their dancing shoes and hit the city centre of Nijmegen, to show off their moves and drink some more booze. Some of us weren’t able to walk in a proper way on their heels, there is no need to call names, but this meant that it was time to go home and rest. Thank you Marjolein for this amazing evening and again a happy belated birthday!


NYX Shotnight and Relative Day

Let us tell you about two weeks ago, which was a marvellous one! Starting with our very own party: NYX Shotnight. To honor one of our many traditions, we first had dinner together at Studio Dependance where we feel right at home. As from 21:26 o’clock it was time to open the doors and drink a whole lot of shots with all the other sororities and fraternities! It was the same concept as previous years: buy five shots and get the sixth for free! The thing that was different from previous editions, was the fact that every single shot represented a cocktail that is also served at Studio Dependance. Quite exciting all those cocktails served as shots! They all tasted so great but only managed to complete one shot card! Meaning that next year we should be able to complete at least two! Thank you all for this great evening, we had a blast! We can’t wait to throw another party and will be sure to keep you posted on any developments..

The day after, while some of us were still recovering from  the night before, we continued the good times. Eva had invited us and some of the girls from YC Consentio at her home to spend some quality time with each other. We played some games to get to know each other better and to play our favourite game: “slabakken”. Honestly, we can’t really even explain this one. You have to be there to get a good impression!

 To keep another of our traditions alive, we invited our mothers for the annual ‘Relative Day’ on a Saturday. The activity for the day was still a surprise thus when we arrived at “De Grott” it became clear that we all had to get our groove on since we had a Salsa Workshop! Even with the many complicated dance steps, we all enjoyed ourselves very much while dancing with each other’s mothers! To conclude this day full of joy and laughter, some drinks and bites awaited us in Studio Dependance where we got to know each other a little bit better! Many thanks to the great teachers of Salsa in Breda for teaching us the first steps in becoming a Salsa Dancer!


A lot of parties!

With a busy schedule we started another period filled with fun activities. To begin with another busy Wednesday night, where we started celebrations at the first party of YC Papillon in our second home Café Dunne.

These celebrations were then soon followed at Fraternity Palto’s ‘Soul im Schnee’. When we think of winter, we think of snow and ski, what rimes with Après Ski! And we all know what that means, shots and beer to keep us warm. Well, to keep us warm, the snow was no were to be found, but we kept drinking cause you never know when snow storms arrive. Better safe than sorry!

Another week, another drink. Starting with another drink with the girls, new and old mingling as we do. In this nice and relaxed setting we discussed our tactics, how are we planning on winning DD Chique’s Sangria Race? Because well, that title does sound amazing! Game on, we tried our best, eating the fruits and drinking the wine, but it was not enough. We should better stick to the things we know, beer. Cause drinking beer, well that’s more our cup of tea, or beer we should say!

Recovering from all the fruit we ate the day before we got ready for another exciting night, a tradition really. Together with SV ‘t KAG we celebrate their board change with a pub crawl. The word says it already, there we went, strolling through town while visiting as many pubs possible. We started at Studio Dependance, followed by Café de Kater and Café Dunne and many, many more that we can’t really remember the name of. Except Ameezing, cause we sure remember the many great performances by yours truly. Appearances upon request are possible. Please contact our manager and we’ll work something out😉 That said it was once again a very successful evening. See you next year, cause this tradition is here to stay.

Last week’s celebrations were followed by another night out in town, kicking the night off at our home bar Studio Dependance. Having a mixer of members and new girls, because a family is never big enough! We continued the evening in Café Dunne once again with our brothers and sisters of  SV Xenia: DD Vigeo, GD Egidius, Fraternity Palto and even the gentlemen of HD Heeren 69 – Prima Nocte were present! This week we are preparing for our very own party: NYX SHOTNIGHT. We are looking forward seeing you tomorrow at 21h26 in Studio Dependance!


Celebrate good times…

It may seem as if we haven’t been up to much lately, but this is not the case! We were so busy having fun that we forgot to tell you about it. Sorry about that! Let’s fill you in on all our recent activities.

We kicked off 2016 with lots of champagne, bites and friends at SV Xenia’s New Years drink. Then we enjoyed more sparkling wine at our sister sorority DD Vigeo’s Champagne Shower, which we must add was served in style. The rosé champagne was a real nice touch. We danced the night away while singing way to loud and sipping on more champagne than was good for us. It was a night where the champagne came out and it was time to dance on the table. Literally. The next day, still a little bit bubbly from the champagne we had the night before, it was time to get ready for the next event. A gala, why not. SV Xenia hosted an amazing gala at Uncle Jean. All dolled up we enjoyed ourselves among the large quantity of unlimited Gin & Tonics and well, maybe a beer, or two.. Another memorable event later that week was one to remember. A golden wedding anniversary as we’d like to call it. The lucky ones that were able to manage with each other for a memorable 12,5 years are the members of SV ‘t KAG! We’re sure that this marriage is one that will last a lifetime!

The 15th of January was a special day for two of our goddesses, Karianne and Nina received their diploma! Congratulations girls, we wish you all the best in your carreer!

A weekend, filled with memories among friends from our beloved association. We are talking about the SV Xenia Weekend. A time where new members were introduced to SV Xenia and all its committees, sororities, fraternities and year clubs. Members and alumni were present to stand our ground and represent our beloved sorority on this weekend. Friendships were created, memories were made.

If you weren’t sure if we satisfied our need for partying, let me calm your nerves by telling you about another great party. Or well this party took place during the day, outside, in the cold. Very important therefore to make sure to stay warm by having a beer in every bar on the route. That is the way to stay warm. Hopping from one bar to another in the most creative outfits. Klunen the one time a year when all the above is aloud in broad daylight. Did you spot us? We were able to break free out of the pokey, just in time to join. Time to change we did not have, therefore we partied like we just didn’t care and were still wearing our jailbird outfit.

Guess we must had enough parties for a lifetime right?! Never. That’s why we were excited to visit recently opened café the Kater. Which means hangover or male cat in Dutch. Which one fits the atmosphere best, we’re not sure. However the vibes were great! Games were played, moves came out on the dance floor and beer was the drink of the evening.  Another great one was an evening hosted by DD Vigeo: Pre-Carnival. A legendary party that one must visit at least once. A great warm up for Carnival. As a tradition we celebrate Carnival together on the Saturday, this as we love honouring traditions, especially this one. A wonderful opportunity to dress up an catch up with our alumni members, who cleared their busy schedules to have a blast with the rest of us.

To conclude things, there was the annual board change of SV Xenia, where besides the ceremony, a diner and drink concluded the evening. Many gifts were exchanged and well what better way to thank the previous board and welcome the new? By celebrating together, enjoying all the many great gifts together. Sounds fun, especially when the gift is beer. A lot of it.

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We like games

What a busy, though fun period it has been last months. We joined a lot of parties of amongst others: SV Xenia, Fraternity Palto, Damesdispuut Vigeo, Gemengd dispuut Egidius, Damesdispuut Dylectus, Herendispuut Dutch Intelligence, Damesdisput Inana and this week we were at Boerke Verschuren to party with the gentlemen of Heerendispuut Heeren 69-Prima Nocte.

Last week we celebrated or 7th birthday! Already 7 years we are a great bunch of crazy and totally different girls who share laughter, tears, experiences and of course a lot of beer. We celebrated this with a “wie is de trol?” game of Get Events in the centre of Breda. A lot of fun games were set up, such as memory, a balloon fight, hints and making pictures of some highlights of Breda. We would like to thank Get Events for this great experience! Afterwards, we had dinner at the “Suikerkist”. We had an awesome night!

For more pictures, check our Instagram account! 2015-04-12--12-02-59