Bowling, beers and barbecues

Summer vacation is already over, which means we started a new schoolyear with a whole lot of parties and activities! But before we tell you more about that, let’s first look back at those sunny days…

At the beginning of our holiday we organized a barbecue where all goddesses could enjoy each other’s company and catch up on latest events. Of course, some tasty food and good wine could not be left out and we talked and laughed until the stars came out.

Foto 14-10-18 19 01 01

This summer, however, was not completely about relaxing for all of us. Two of our goddesses strived for their diploma and it paid off: congratulations Eline and Laura for graduating, we couldn’t be more proud!

Just like every year, we ended the vacation and started the new year at the Intersib: the introduction week of Hotel- and Facility Management, where we met many great first year students and together we had lots of fun during the activities such as a pub crawl, beer cantus and even a silent disco!

Foto 14-10-18 19 00 31

After this, we started organizing several drinks where new girls had the opportunity to meet us and get familiar with our sorority. Everyone could show off their skills during stress-pong and their overall knowledge (or lack-there-off after a few beers) during a game of 30 seconds. Besides that we went bowling, where we scored some great strikes with some helpful assistance of railings on the sides of the alleys. To finish off, we participated in a pub quiz together with Fraternity Palto where the teams turned out to be so equally divided that the winner had to be determined by a ‘bier adtje’.

Foto 14-10-18 19 01 19

Speaking of downing beers, we participated in an event where we could show of our skills for sure: Vigeo’s Bierestafette! After practising with beer, water and even yogurt we considered ourselves ready to take on the other teams. Unfortunately, we didn’t make it that far, but nevertheless we had heaps of fun and will definitely give it another shot next time. We also visited a pub crawl organized by our friends from ‘t KAG, spent a great night with Heerendispuut  Heeren 69 – Prima Nocte and Damesdispuut Inana at ‘Roomservice’ and danced the night away during parties organized by our own association S.V. Xenia: ‘CEO’s and Office Hoes’ and ‘Sarah & Abraham’! Last but not least, we enjoyed a delicious dinner together with our association during ‘Eat you round’ at Eetcafe Walkabout, where we topped our steaks and burgers off with some lovely, cold drinks.

After all these great events the bar is set high, but we believe that the year will only get better and better!

Let’s count the stars together…

Sorority NYX

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