Nyx, the greek goddess of the night
Nyx, the greek goddess of the night

Sorority NYX is the only international sorority (in Dutch ‘Damesdispuut’) of Breda. We are part of Student Association Xenia, are the baby sister of Sorority Vigeo and Mixed Sorority/ Fraternity Egidius and are the big sister of Fraternity Palto.

NYX stands for the Greek goddess of the night, and we are proud to carry that name and honor that by enriching the night life of Breda. As a sorority, we organize our own parties, have activities with other sororities and fraternities and attend their parties. Additionally we have our own set of traditions, such as 21-dinners and our Nyx Annual Trip. Besides just having fun, Sorority NYX is also an opportunity to network and learn from students who are further along within International Hotel Management. We are a group of fun, spontaneous, enthusiastic group of girls that love to spend time with each other by going out and experiencing all there is in our student life, whether it’s a spontaneous dinner with the girls, visiting parties and events organized by other sorority’s and fraternity’s or organizing parties and trips of our own.

We are always looking for new goddesses that want to carry our name with pride, so if you think that you would mix well with us and you also want to contribute something to your student life in Breda, then you are always welcome to contact us either via email: [email protected] or find us around school either working hard or hanging out with each other making jokes! On Wednesdays you can often find us in Café Dunne or Studio Dependance, so either walk in or send an email, we are always happy to answer any questions you may have, or to just have a chat!

On this website you can find more information about us and what we stand for, so that you can get to know us a little better. Of course there are also a lot of photos that show you just what type of group we are and all the fun we have together!

So have fun looking around and do not hesitate to contact us!!

‘Let’s count the stars together…’ 

Sorority NYX

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