Sorority NYX is a sorority of Student Association Xenia.

On the 30th of May 2002, the student association Xenia was born as part of the International Hotel Management School in Breda.

Though it started as a rather small association, we can be proud of what has been achieved after all these years. With approximately 300 members, Xenia has become one of the largest student associations of Breda.

Xenia was considered to be particularly important already in the ancient times, when the Greek god Xenia stood for hospitality. This is what our association still maintains in their regular events and activities. We share the same perspective and passion for the hospitality industry and that is what Xenia makes one close network of national but also international students.

Outside of Breda, Xenia operates on a national level as well. First of all, Xenia is part of the Alliance: a network of the five well known Hotel Schools in The Netherlands. Furthermore, Xenia has a network with highly approved companies in the hospitality industry, something that provide our Xenia members all kinds of opportunities to professionally explore themselves and to get more involved in the hospitality industry.

Since student association Xenia has been established, it has expanded three times already while giving birth to one fraternity and two sororities.

G.D. Egidius was the first of Xenia and the first one of Breda where both boys and girls were welcome to share their unforgettable moments together.
Secondly, DD Vigeo was founded on the 22nd of January 2004. Then, on the 26th of November 2008 Xenia gave birth to us, the third sorority of S.V. Xenia, Sorority NYX. Finally, our little brother Fraternity Palto was founded on the 21th of March, 2012.

For more information of S.V. Xenia please check their website.

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